The Company was founded on the 6th of December 1999, initially known as Food Concepts & Entertainment Limited, and commenced its operations in 2000. In a Special Resolution dated 10 May 2009, the company underwent a transformation from a Private Limited Liability Company to a Public Limited Liability Company, along with a name change to Food Concepts Plc.

Upon its inception, Food Concepts secured valuable franchises from renowned South African Quick Service Restaurant operators, granting them the responsibility to manage and operate these brands within Nigeria. Over time, the company expanded its portfolio by acquiring the Butterfield brand and by custom developing and nurturing new brands, including Chicken Republic, PieXpress, Yum Yum, and The Chop Box.

In a subsequent corporate restructuring and divestment, Food Concepts now exclusively owns and manages the Chicken Republic, PieXpress and The Chop Box brands as proprietary food brands.

Our Vision:

“To be the most loved quick service restaurant and baked goods brands across West Africa.”

Our Mission:

“To remain relevant as we stretch our limits and go above and beyond to energise our brands and deliver excellent value, exciting experiences and great tasting products that our customers love.”


People Capability Always drives our business forward.

Our Human Resources Division trains, develops, recognises, and rewards our people, enriching lives and fostering business growth.

We view our people-centric approach as crucial to realising our vision. Aligned with our vision statement, our values are encapsulated in the ‘LOVED’ acronym. They serve as the bedrock of behaviours we aim to instil in our entire team, forming a golden thread woven through everything we do.


We are passionate, relevant, caring, respectful and committed.


We act with integrity and take pride in ourselves, our company and country.


We add value to everyone and in everything we do.


Execution is what we do best.


We take initiative and push forward to exceed expectations and achieve our goals.


As a leading global company, we prioritise customer satisfaction and the delivery of safe, ready-to-eat food. Our commitment extends to ensuring the safety of our staff, contractors, and relevant parties, implementing measures to minimise the environmental impact of our activities.

ISO Management Systems
ISO certification, grounded in Food Safety Management System (FSMS), applicable to organisations within the entire food chain spectrum – from farm to table. Embracing FSMS represents a pivotal strategic decision and serves as the driving force behind continuous enhancement and the mitigation of risks associated with food safety objectives.

We obtained ISO 22000:2018 certification in 2019, covering our Head Office, supply chain division, and a Chicken Republic store. In 2020, certification expanded to five additional stores in Lagos. In 2021, we added three more ISO management systems (ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, and ISO 9001:2015), forming an Integrated Management System. In 2022, our Ilupeju and Head Office received re-certification, and ten more stores achieved ISO 22000:2018 certification. A Certificate of Continuity for the Integrated Management System was issued.

Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) Certificates
In 2022, 61 Chicken Republic outlets, including two in Osun State, one in Bayelsa, and 58 in Lagos, earned NAFDAC’s prestigious certification for adhering to Good Hygiene Practices (GHP).

Lagos State Safety Commission Certificates
Demonstrating our commitment to elevated occupational standards, 43 Chicken Republic stores and 30 PieXpress outlets in Lagos received certificates signifying compliance with rigorous occupational health and safety standards.

Recognition & Awards
We received two agency awards in 2022:
ISPON Safety Leadership Award for Chicken Republic’s promotion of an HSE culture
EHOAN Award for Chicken Republic Uyo’s ECO-Friendly practices.