Food Concepts began Franchise operations for our Chicken Republic brand in 2007. We have learnt many lessons along the way, specifically with regards to what is required to enable success in the West African market.

The key benefits that we offer Chicken Republic franchisees include:

  • Strong Brand Image: Chicken Republic is a leading QSR brand, with high levels of brand awareness and a loyal customer base. It is also the fastest growing QSR brand in Nigeria
  • Site Selection & Property Development: We provide assistance with the selection of new sites, provide key insights regarding landlord negotiations, manage the build of new stores, procure key assets at discounted rates and have a team that is committed to the refurbishment and maintenance of stores on an ongoing basis
  • Products Customers Love: Our soulfully spiced chicken and sides were specifically developed to appeal to the West African palette
  • Supply Chain Division: Our centralised procurement, warehousing and logistics, pie production unit and central kitchen are just some of the ways in which we leverage economies of scale, improve operational efficiencies and manage quality control so that you can offer customers everyday affordable value
  • Training & Development: We have a built-for-purpose training centre that is well equipped to upskill both franchisees and restaurant staff
  • Strong Marketing support: New store launches, local store marketing kits and regular national campaigns are brought to life via a strong focus on outdoor, below the line and digital marketing campaigns

For more information on the Chicken Republic brand please visit or to initiate contact and/or set up a meet and greet, please email

Date Established2004
Country of OriginNigeria
# of Stores YTD May 2023202
Franchisee Types AvailableSingle Store, Area Development Licence, Master Franchisee Licence
Franchisee Agreement Term5 years renewable
Royalty (% of Revenue)5%
Marketing Contribution (% of Revenue)4%
Joining FeeUSD $ 25,000.00

Becoming a Food Concepts Franchisee is not for everyone. It requires hard work and devotion to drive the attainment of goals shared by us and you. For you, our franchisee and valued partner, it will require dedication to daily business activities and a strong commitment to remain true to the criteria upon which we base our franchisee selections. These criteria include:

  • Professional qualities that emulate our most “LOVED” business values, as well as, integrity, good faith, fair conduct, teamwork, diversity and a passion for continuous improvement
  • A demonstrable record of success in your own business or career, ideally with good interpersonal skills, operational experience and financial management skills
  • Responsiveness, responsibility and accountability
  • A strong desire to succeed and the will to ensure all-round business success including, financial, operational and compliance with quality and delivery standards
  • Personal funds to commit to the business and/or the ability to raise the investment amounts required
  • Personal discipline to ensure successful completion of our training, induction and on-going evaluation programmes
  • Favourable trade and personal reference confirmations
  • A preparedness to commit to a long-term relationship that entails ensuring that each aspect of the business is run seamlessly, each day, for the full franchise term
  • Passion and commitment to delivering exceptional customer service at all times
  • Willingness to continuously invest in the training and development of staff entrusted to deliver products and service to our customers
  • Commitment and Dedication to the day-to-day operations of the business, which implies agreement to divest of all other business activities that are likely to detract from the time required to run and manage a franchise. We pose an owner-operator model where the franchisee is ‘hands-on’ in the running of the business
  • Vested interest and on-going participation in the protection and enhancement of the brand

Download Franchise Application Form

  1. Enquiry (phone +234 (0) 809 016 5972/3 or e-mail
  2. Download application form
  3. Send completed application form and support documents to Food Concepts via email or deliver to our head office
  4. Applicant is taken through pre-qualification questions
  5. Payment of joining fees
  6. Credit and reference checks are conducted with the applicant’s consent
  7. Based on the success of all of the above; an interview is scheduled between the prospective franchisee and our franchise team
  1. Internal approvals process
  2. Site selection (subject to internal approval)
  3. Presentation and signing of the franchise agreement
  4. Approval of plans
  5. Franchisee training and store construction/remodelling and procurement of equipment commences
  6. Store handover
  7. Opening (a soft launch is followed by an official media launch)

Download Franchise Application Form


What is franchising?

Franchising provides a clear plan to success by allowing you to share in the achievements of an existing business model, with a proven track record. This includes the intellectual property, operational efficiencies and customer loyalty that constitute the brand that the franchisor has already developed to a leading market position. Instead of hiring managers, an entrepreneur may decide to establish a franchise network. As franchisor, the entrepreneur offers you, the franchisee a reduced risk opportunity to operate your own business, but under a shared brand, with all the support that a big organisation has to offer.

What qualifications and level of experience do I need?

Each application is assessed independently and no specific qualifications are required. We do however look to select individuals who are able to demonstrate past success in running or managing a business. In short, we need to be convinced that upon completion of our training programme you will have the ability to successfully develop and grow a Chicken Republic business.

Can I franchise more than one restaurant if I have the funds/resources?

We generally only franchise one business at a time. If you demonstrate consistent success over a period of time, we will consider your application for additional restaurants. However, should you currently own a chain of existing restaurants that you wish to convert to Chicken Republic; such applications will be considered upon their individual merits.

Can Food Concepts help me with Financing?

We do not provide financing directly.

Will I be buying an asset that I can sell?

Yes. If your circumstances or attitude toward owning a franchised store changes, you will be able to sell the remainder of your franchising term to a buyer who has been approved via the Food Concepts franchisee selection process.

Can I obtain funds from an associate/relative to purchase a franchise?

Yes – but only if this does not imply Food Concepts having to enter into an arrangement that is based on a partnership agreement as we do not franchise restaurants to partners or absentee investors. It is therefore more likely that successful franchise applicants will be those who have been able to demonstrate independent past business success and who in doing so have built up sufficient funds to invest.

How much money can I make?

Your level of profitability is dependent on you and various factors including sales, operating costs and your ability to manage these and other aspects of the business. Things like location can also play an important role, which is why we place so much emphasis on site selection. Moreover, experience suggests that the most profitable franchisees are those who consistently operate restaurants and bakeries that customers want to visit regularly. In this light, being ‘hands-on’, developing strong long-term customer relationships and cultivating community links will make all the difference.