Food Concepts presently employs over 4 000 people and many more thousands are employed indirectly. For example, via new store builds and the remodelling of our stores, the products, goods and services that we purchase locally and our delivery network, which still operates predominantly on informal distribution networks.

Food Concepts has actively advanced the employment of women in our Company. We remain one of the most advanced gender equality businesses of our size in the industry, with employment of over 50% female employees.

We are aiming to have opened 334 stores by the end of 2021, which will see us advance all of the aforementioned. By 2024 we will have over 700 stores, directly employing over 8 000 people in Nigeria alone. We are fully committed to ensuring that at least 4 000 of those will be from the women and youth pool, which are both sadly under-employed and with limited opportunities today.

To accommodate our aggressive expansion plans, Food Concepts has a strong executive team and a Board of Directors that consists of committed, highly qualified individuals.


The Board of Directors at Food Concepts consists of a group of successful and accomplished professionals. The Board has demonstrated a strong commitment to the Company and the realisation of its business objectives. The Board of Food Concepts comprises nine (9) directors, with two (2) directors in an executive capacity.


Food Concepts is managed by a young, dynamic and highly-focused team, with experience that spans business management, food operations, people management, supply chain management, marketing and financial management.

Their hard work, skill and dedication helps to drive our mission and deliver on the Food Concepts vision: To be the most loved quick-service restaurant and baked goods brands across West Africa.

The below represents our current executive team.

Mr. David Butler
Managing Director

Mrs. Anthonia Agbonifo
Executive Director/Divisional Managing Director – Shared Services

Mrs. Claudette Russel
Director – Human Resources

Olayinka Ogunleye
Divisional Managing Director – Supply Chain

Mrs. Josephine Johnson, ACIS
Company Secretary & Legal Advisor

Mr. Ikenna Okongwu
Divisional Managing Director – Operations

Mr. Kofi Abunu
Divisional Managing Director – Business Development

Management Organogram
Management Organogram

“People Capability Always” is a driving force in our business. On this basis, our Human Resources Division and purpose-built training centres are designed to train, upskill, and develop the capability of every person that we employ on an ongoing basis.

We also recognise and reward our people with competitive salaries and various incentive programmes.
We hold Staff Forum Meetings, during which Staff Representatives from across the business get the opportunity to meet to discuss concerns and make suggestions to improve the business, as well as receive updates on business performance. This provides the business with valuable feedback on ways to improve operations and the working lives of our employees.

We also hold quarterly communication meetings, where managers across the business receive updates on business performance and get the opportunity to ask the Executive’s questions.

Our ambitious expansion plans, makes the need to develop our team greater than ever before. Going forward, we will focus on developing more managers, as well as enhancing their managerial and leadership skills to ensure additional value across the business.