Food Concepts creates and cultivates food brands, each offering compelling value propositions that resonate with our customers. Our approach involves a deep understanding of customer desires, ensuring we not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Our proudly Nigerian brands, Chicken Republic, PieXpress, and The Chop Box, are tailored to the taste preferences, aspirations and budgets of West African consumers. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding customer experiences, delectable products and affordable value meals. This commitment extends seamlessly from our inviting restaurant environments to our user-friendly online channel.

Quality is paramount at Food Concepts. We source only the finest ingredients from local vendors who adhere to our stringent quality standards, contributing to job creation through our brand-building programs.

Our unwavering commitment to Health, Safety, and Consumer Protection is exemplified by our ISO 22000:2018 Certification in 2019, re-certification in 2020, 2021 and our latest ISO Certifications in 2022, reinforcing our dedication to excellence in every facet of our operations.


From our modest inception in 2004, our journey has been one filled with a mosaic of experiences, each twist and turn adding to the intricate pattern of our story. Throughout this odyssey, our unwavering dedication to our passion and mission has remained our guiding star.

At the heart of our existence lies an unwavering fervour – the delight of serving our patrons our Soulfully Spiced chicken meals. With every plate we serve, we extend an invitation to join our republic and “TASTE THE LOVE.” This is our solemn commitment, a pledge to offer delicious meals that embody our authentic blend of West African herbs and spices.

Beyond our delectable dishes lies a profound PURPOSE that propels us forward. We stand dedicated to not only owning and cherishing our Nigerian heritage, but also to share the essence of that love with everyone we touch. From our valued customers to our devoted employees and valued partners, we aspire to illuminate their lives with this love, crafting an environment where shared success is the ultimate recipe we co-create.

As the chapters of our story continue to unfold, we remain steadfast in our devotion to passion, purpose, and the ever-present flame that fuels our journey.


PieXpress caters to the dynamic needs of on-the-go customers who crave convenience without compromising on the quality and taste of their food choices – all at a value that satisfies both their appetite and their budget. In a landscape where Nigerian consumers hold a deep affection for flavours that harmonise with their daily lives, PieXpress steps in as a culinary companion that resonates seamlessly.

The allure of nostalgia intertwined with the indulgence of pies and pastries propels this category forward with remarkable momentum. With PieXpress, we’ve sculpted an enterprise that not only efficiently manages costs but also nurtures a profitable concept through a strategic harnessing of economies of scale. By synergising our locations with Chicken Republic, we maximise the potential of our real estate, optimising every inch for the best returns.

The flexibility inherent in our brand structure permits easy relocations of stores, adapting adeptly to shifting market dynamics or newfound opportunities.

At PieXpress, our goal is clear – to offer a delectable, convenient, and economically rewarding experience that resonates with both taste buds and financial sensibilities. As we continue to weave our narrative, we


The vibrant realm of African commerce, a universal axiom prevails: conquering the African market equates to capturing the essence of its foundation – the base of the pyramid. Each day a multitude of Nigerian consumers embark on a quest for traditional sustenance, navigating the tapestry of informal Bukka eateries that dot the landscape.

Guided by research, a resounding truth emerges: the appetite for authentic Nigerian food pulsates vigorously among consumers, united by a shared zeal for flavours that resonate with their cultural heritage. It’s within this context that “The Chop Box” emerges a strategic and delectable solution that harmonises with the desires and cravings of the Nigerian palate.

Imagine the hearty embrace of Jollof Rice, the perfect balance of spices, evoking memories of festive gatherings. Visualise the succulent appeal and smoky aromas promising an authentic taste of the bustling Nigerian streets. Picture the comforting warmth of Egusi Soup, each spoonful a testament to the rich culinary heritage handed down through generations. With every bite, “The Chop Box” encapsulates the essence of Nigerian tradition while aligning with the aspirations for world-class experiences.