At Food Concepts we believe that Environmental and Social Responsibility (ESR) extends well beyond a few initiatives that are supported annually. Rather, for us, it is a culture and an attitude that exists within the fabric of our way of doing business. We recognise that we have a responsibility to support the communities and environments in which we operate that we must ensure that we impact them positively.

Since inception, Food Concepts has believed in the need to inspire, educate and uplift children so that they are better equipped to become productive and employable members of society. On this basis, one of our ESR focus areas is on educational initiatives. In the spirit of promoting entrepreneurship and work, we partner with several schools in Lagos to promote guided tours of our Central Kitchen and Pie Production departments. We also invite students into our restaurants to educate them on the processes around food production within a Chicken Republic Restaurant.

We have also always supported Sickle Cell Anaemia to provide aid to individuals with the Sickle Cell Disease in Nigeria. Further to this, Food Concepts actively extends its Environmental and Social Responsibility across five key areas, as outlined below.

Employment & Skills Development

Diversity & Equal Opportunity

Human Rights & Inclusive Business

Health, Safety & Consumer Protection

Animal Welfare

Looking Ahead: Future Commitment

Employment &
Skills Development
Food Concepts - Employment & 
Skills Development

Food Concepts presently employs over 6,000 people and many more thousands are employed indirectly. We are proud of our reputation as an equal opportunity employer and as a company that prides itself on fair labour practices and incentive programmes that recognise and reward the efforts, talent and performance of our people.

By 2024 we will have 670 stores, directly employing over 9,000 people in Nigeria alone. We are fully committed to being a company that people aspire to work for and that has a reputation for retaining and growing talent by fostering an environment that aims to improve the lives, health, safety and wellbeing of our people.

In addition to employment, our Training and Development Centres are designed to train, upskill and develop the capability of every person that we employ on an ongoing basis.

Diversity & Equal
Food Concepts - Employment & 
Skills Development

As an equal opportunity employer; all qualified applicants receive consideration for employment and promotion without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability or age.

Food Concepts has also actively advanced the employment of women in our company. This has led to us being one of the most advanced gender equality businesses of our size in the industry, with the employment of over 50% female employees.

As mentioned, by 2024 we will have 670 stores, directly employing over 9,000 people in Nigeria alone. We are fully committed to ensuring that at least 4 000 of those will be from the women and youth pool, which are both sadly underemployed and with limited opportunities in Nigeria today.

Human Rights &
Inclusive Business
Food Concepts -Human Rights & Inclusive Business

We do not import anything ourselves. We buy all of our products, produce, poultry, etc. through Nigerian companies. Thus, every Naira that we spend goes into the local economy in one way or another, whether it is through job creation, distributed profits, Local or Federal taxes.

We have also reduced and will continue to reduce our Ex-Pat quotas by filling those position with local Nigerian talent, whilst promoting female employees to middle, senior and executive management positions.

Food Concepts remains committed to the support of grassroots entrepreneurs, from whom we purchase fresh produce for our Central Kitchen and numerous restaurants. We pride ourselves in taking a hands-on approach that is geared toward assisting budding entrepreneurs to improve and refine their products and services in order to meet our rigorous quality standards. As a testament to this, the young supplier of our bean powder won an Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Health, Safety &
Consumer Protection
Health, Safety & Consumer Protection

Our ISO Safety Management certifications enables us to show our customers that we have a world-class food safety management system in place. This quality assurance aims to ensure customer confidence in our products, which is becoming more important as customers demand safe food and food processors require that ingredients obtained from their suppliers are safe.

To further enhance consumer protection, Food Concepts actively invites staff, suppliers and customers to report any concerns regarding unethical conduct at Food Concepts Plc via the Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous Hotline, website, email or mobile app.

In addition, we have an internal customer care line and we also moderate social media complaints both directly and indirectly on a daily basis.

Food Concepts - Animal  Welfare

Food Concepts is committed to animal welfare and, as such, only purchases poultry from reputable, government approved processing facilities.

Looking Ahead:
Future Commitment
Food Concepts - Looking Ahead: Future Commitment

As we move forward, Food Concepts is committed to strengthening all existing initiatives and will continue to focus on creating homegrown employment, gender equality and upskilling children and young adults. We will continue to employ local talent and enrich the lives of as many Nigerians as we can.

We will embrace local talent by supporting artists, musicians, tailors, builders, fitters, plumbers, tilers, electricians and so on, to build sustainable businesses, which in turn, drives economic growth and employment within the various communities in which we operate.