People Capability Always is based on the idea that you don’t build a business, you build people and people build the business. This is the ideology of the Human Resources Department, working together with the divisions, to actualise the objectives and goals of the organisation. On this basis, we train, develop talent, recognise and reward our people, whilst enriching their lives and growing our business in the process.

Our recruitment philosophy

Food Concepts is committed to creating a diverse environment across our business and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and promotion without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability or age.

Recognition & reward

As the business grows, we continually seek opportunities to reward our people for their contribution and commitment. We pay our staff competitive salaries and offer various incentives programmes. For those working in revenue generating divisions, your reward is in your hands! The harder you work towards delivering your targets the more you earn. We also have a Product of the Month incentive, which is paid to store employees who have exceeded their sales targets, as well as, an employee of the month incentive, which is based on a peer-to-peer nomination system. Furthermore, each year, all employees across divisions have the opportunity to earn a performance bonus, which is based on a combination of company, division and individual performance.

Training & development

We have a state-of-the-art Training Centre, through which we have trained over 1,000 employees. At Food Concepts, all new employees (regardless of their position in the organisation) start their induction at the heartbeat of our business…in our stores. We have a competent workforce with a uniquely designed learning platform designed to enable career growth. Our world of innovation places great value in recruiting, retaining, developing and rewarding the highly talented individuals who takes charge of their career whilst we provide the enabling environment to nurture it.


The Operations Team aims to deliver year on year profitability growth through growing our top line sales and managing our operating expenses. We do this by ensuring that we are focused on delivering great customer service, great product quality and having our products available always to our customers. In addition, we ensure that our food is freshly prepared and sold at affordable prices to our customers.

The five building blocks of the Operations Division are:

1.Building People Capability

We focus on building people capability at all levels through internal development of our people as well as recruiting and growing great talent for our business. In addition, we ensure that performance management is key in ensuring that we deliver great performance at all levels in Operations. Finally, recognition is a culture in our business, and we make it a duty to recognize at every opportunity in our Operations team.

2. Customer Service

Customers are extremely important to us, so we work with our Training Team in ensuring that our team members and store management teams are well trained and coached in delivering great customer service with each transaction, every day. Our team ensure that customers will want to come back over and over through hospitable service, clean and well-maintained restaurants, quick service, and great quality products that are always available.

3. Sales & Profit Growth

Our motto is “Sales is vanity, profit is sanity and cash is king”. We grow sales by ensuring great customer service through transaction and ticket average growth; and grow our bottom-line profit through controlling our operational expenditure.

4. Financial and Process Discipline

Ensuring that great thought process and execution in all we do is important to us and this is where clear discipline comes in. We ensure that all our processes are always followed, and this delivers discipline in our financial management.

5. Operational Excellence

We drive operational standards, we build Store and Area Management capability, quarterly financial and operational audits and we deliver consistent recipes in all our restaurants.


Our Property Development & Franchising division continues to grow, with the addition of new franchise stores, the opening of new company stores and the upgrading and maintenance of existing stores. All three activities, contribute to our performance and enhance stakeholder experience for franchisees, employees, partners and shareholders alike.

We have been able to effectively manage our setup costs, despite the devaluation of the Naira and the harsh economic conditions. Among others, bulk purchase of key assets has allowed us to negotiate lucrative discounts, which has contributed to great returns on investments.

We have and will continue to grow the capacity of both people and other resources within this division to ensure a solid, pre-emptive, responsive and effective strategic implementation plan that delivers ROI.

Our strategic focus areas moving forward include:

  • Ensuring a controlling share of the number of stores in the 4 main cities in Nigeria (Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt & Kano) and franchise-out up-country locations
  • Master Franchise Agreements – find franchisees for other West African countries aside from Nigeria & Ghana
  • Franchise Support – with Training and performance reviews, Operational excellence, marketing activities and audits
  • Effective Stakeholder Communication with Project Meetings, Project Tracker Spreadsheet and Action Logging
  • Property Management is key to our business, strict lease agreements to reduce Landlord risk habitual increases in lease terms
  • Implemented a Lean Construction (Lean construction sunk Cost on Sites with weak ADS assumption)

The Supply Chain Division (SCD) continues to grow and support the business by catering for the increased demand and delivery of great tasting, high quality products to our stores “On Time in Full”.  Key activities that fall under SCD include:


The Procurement function is centralized and is responsible for the sourcing and purchasing of all food and packaging products, equipment and other restaurant supplies. The mission of the unit is to provide the “lowest possible sustainable store-delivered prices” for restaurant products and equipment. To achieve this, the unit leverages on the system’s scale to drive cost savings and effectiveness in its day to day function.

We work closely with suppliers to encourage innovation, assure best practices and drive continuous improvement. Leveraging scale, supply chain infrastructure and risk management strategies, the division also collaborates with suppliers towards achieving competitive, predictable food and packaging costs over the long term.

Warehousing and Distribution Unit

The business operates a hub and spoke network model across the Country.  This is designed to reduce transportation costs, improve cycle times and reduce inventory in the restaurants and at the warehouses. Delivery of stock items to the stores are carried out through the deployment of Company-owned fleet and third-Party Logistics Service Providers to ensure timely and effective distribution to the stores.

Pie Production Unit

Food Concepts operates ten strategically positioned pie production facilities around the country. These facilities are set up to satisfy our customers’ needs for fresh and tasty baked products via our Chicken Republic and Pie Xpress stores, as well as, to meet the increasing demand for bulk catering requests.

Central Kitchen

Our Central Kitchen produces the spices that are used in the production of CR soulfully spiced meals. The central Kitchen brings to the fore several benefits such as:

  • Consistency in quality and uniformity in products
  • Convenience
  • Larger space
  • Equipment and specialized appliances used in production
  • Reduction in wastages at the stores
  • Reduction in the labour costs at the stores

Our Central Kitchen supports all Chicken Republic and PieXpress stores, both company-owned and Franchised. We produce semi-finished and finished items and deliver fresh vegetables to Lagos stores.