Selection Criteria

Becoming a Franchisee is not for everyone. It requires hard work and devotion to drive the attainment of goals shared by us and our franchisees. For you, our franchisee and valued partner, it will mean dedication to daily business activities and a strong commitment to remain true to the key criteria upon which we base our franchisee selections. These criteria include:

  • Professional qualities that emulate our business values, including integrity, good faith and fair conduct, dedication, teamwork, diversity and a passion for continuous improvement
  • A demonstrable record of success in your own business or career, ideally with good interpersonal skills, operational experience and financial management skills
  • Responsiveness, responsibility and accountability
  • A strong desire to succeed and the will to ensure all-round business success including, financial, operational and compliance with quality and delivery standards
  • Personal funds to commit to the business and/or the ability to raise the investment amounts required
  • Personal discipline to ensure successful completion of our training, induction and on-going evaluation programmes
  • Favourable trade and personal reference confirmations
  • A preparedness to commit to a long-term relationship that entails ensuring that each aspect of the business is run seamlessly, each day, for the full franchise term
  • Passion and commitment to delivering exceptional customer service at all times
  • Willingness to continuously invest in the training and development of staff entrusted to deliver products and service to our customers
  • Devotion of full-time efforts to the day to day operations of the business, which implies agreement to divest of all other business activities that are likely to detract from the time required to run and manage a franchise. We pose an owner-operator model where the franchisee is ‘hands-on’ in the running of the business
  • A vested interest and on-going participation in the protection and enhancement of the brand