What is franchising?

Franchising provides a clear plan to success by allowing you to share in the existing achievement of the business model. This includes the intellectual property, operational efficiencies and customer loyalty that constitute the brand that an entrepreneur has already developed to a leading market position. Instead of hiring managers, an entrepreneur may decide to establish a franchise network. As franchisor, the entrepreneur offers you, the franchisee a reduced risk opportunity to operate your own business, but under a shared brand, with all the support that a big organization has to offer.

What qualifications and level of experience do I need to become a Food Concepts franchisee?

Each application is assessed independently and no specific qualifications are required. We do however look to select individuals who are able to demonstrate past success in running or managing a business. In short, we need to be convinced that upon completion of our training programme you will have the ability to successfully develop and grow a Chicken Republic or Butterfield Bakery business.

Can I franchise more than one restaurant or Bakery at a time if I have the funds and resources?

We generally only franchise one business at a time. If you demonstrate consistent success over a period of time we will consider your application for additional stores/bakeries. However, should you currently own a chain of existing restaurants or bakeries that you wish to convert to Chicken Republic or Butterfield respectively; such applications will be considered upon their individual merits.

Can Food Concepts help me with Financing?

We do not provide financing directly.

Will I be buying an asset that I can sell?

Yes. If your circumstances or attitude toward owning a franchised store changes, you will be able to sell the remainder of your franchising term to a buyer who has been approved via the Food Concepts franchisee selection process.

Can I obtain funds from an associate or relative to purchase a franchise?

Yes – but only if this does not imply Food Concepts having to enter into an arrangement that is based on a partnership agreement as we do not franchise restaurants to partners or absentee investors. It is therefore more likely that successful franchise applicants will be those who have been able to demonstrate independent past business success and who in doing so have built up sufficient funds to invest.

How much money can I make?

Your level of profitability is dependent on you and various factors including sales, operating costs and your ability to manage these and other aspects of the business. Things like location can also play an important role, which is why we place so much emphasis on site selection. Moreover, experience suggests that the most profitable franchisees are those who consistently operate restaurants and bakeries that customers want to visit regularly. In this light, being ‘hands on’, developing strong long-term customer relationships and cultivating community links will make all the difference.