As a corporate entity with deep social and economic ties, Food Concepts recognises that it has a Corporate Social Responsibility toward the communities and environments in which it operates. As such, we consistently focus on ways to improve on the quality of human and natural life that falls within the sphere of our operations. Key initiatives include:

SOS Children’s Village

Food Concepts continues to partner with SOS Children’s Villages. Our aim is to bring to fruition the hopes and aspirations of a microcosm of underprivileged children, by sponsoring a Family House within the SOS Children’s Village in Nigeria.

Our commitment to the welfare of these children goes beyond mere donations. We sponsor their education, clothing, accommodation and feeding. We also facilitate an annual program through which technical services training is provided for children who are technically inclined, to ensure that they become useful artisans and can provide our nation with valuable resources. We also provide career opportunities within the Food Concepts Group for some of the children who have completed their tertiary education and are seeking employment.

Akim Government Secondary School

Within the company’s focus on the welfare of the Nigerian Child, Food Concepts sponsored a borehole facility and a number of HP computers to the Government Secondary School, Akim, in Calabar Town, Cross Rivers State.

Before our involvement, this school lacked the most basic necessity required to aid and equip young pupils: they lacked water as a precious resource. With a population of over 2,000 students, the provision of a 4,000 litre borehole facility was considered to be of the greatest good. The borehole has alleviated the school’s need to buy water for daily consumption and general use, which was clearly unsustainable. We believe this initiative will greatly impact the health and learning conditions for children and teachers alike.

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