Over the past few years it has become increasingly obvious that success in the Quick Service Food space is very much dependent on execution, economies of scale and always being relevant to the needs of the Consumer. On this basis, it was and is, inevitable that Food Concepts could and should
become a holder of multiple food Brands that cater for consumers across a much broader spectrum.

The PieXpress Brand was launched in 2019, to cater for a very mobile consumer who wants convenient, quality food on the go, at a price that satisfies both their “belle” and their pocket. A strategy that was partially informed by the excellent market response to the “Every Day Affordable Value” successes in our Chicken Republic stores and with specific reference to our “Refuel Value Meals” category.

On this basis, we began to explore what shape and format such a Brand might take, keeping the following key considerations in mind:

* Better utilisation of our existing and new real-estate: the development of kiosks versus brick and mortar shops, enables us to keep both set up and operating costs to a minimum. It also enables us to move the units around based on consumer patronisation
* A reduced set up costs with a faster payback period
Lower operating costs and higher profitability
* A product mix that allowed us to leverage economies of scale from our existing assets. As our central kitchen and pie production facility already produce pies and sandwiches, it was rather easy for us to extend the product range to include other sweet and savoury baked goods

Our solution involves taking a two-prong approach to the development and roll out of the Pie Xpress kiosks:

1. Open PieXpress Kiosks on the forecourts of Chicken Republic Stores – The primary benefit of this approach is that we do not need to secure additional sites and pay additional rentals
2. Open PieXpress Kiosks on high traffic sites that are not linked to our current Chicken Republic Real-Estate

We are optimistic about the potential of this Brand and plan to roll out 10 kiosks in 2019. Furthermore, we believe that this could in time enable us to launch and leverage a micro-franchising concept that targets grass roots entrepreneurs (specifically female entrepreneurs) as part of our commitment to our Corporate Social Responsibility program.

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