Our People

With a workforce of over 1300 people, Food Concepts remains unwavering in the philosophy that great people are the key to success and ultimately the key to growth of any organisation. With this premise as our guide, we are constantly sourcing and searching our fresh talent, informed by our belief that high performing teams are powered by a diversity of skill, people and perspective.

To empower, recognise and reward, staff training and incentives remain a top priority for us. The results have been exciting and hugely encouraging. Allowing staff to take ownership in our endeavors has ignited more passion and self-motivated staff. There is no doubt that value has been created for our company and our employees, both within the context of their employment and beyond.

At Food Concepts we constantly improve internal structures to develop critical leadership functions within the company. Creation of career development plans, strong succession strategies to protect the future of the company are of great importance. We encourage and empower all team members to learn and grow by affording them the potential to expand their horizons and work their way up to more senior positions.

Finally we are proud of the fact that all new employees, regardless of their background, designation or stature, experience hands-on, customer-focused introduction to the company. All employees start work in the stores, the heartbeat of our company – for it is here where our outstanding service and customer experience meet daily.